I am a storm chasing physician based out of Aurora, Colorado, and am a very blessed husband and father to three amazing children.  I have been chasing storms for over two decades, but a lifelong lover of storms.  I hope you will find this gallery of my images fascinating, intriguing, and engaging.  I welcome your feedback and hope you will choose to purchase some of my art for your walls.  Click on each of the galleries to see close ups :).

I have been featured on radio, in books, and on the net in many ways.  A full list of various links is on the bottom of this page.  My contact is Jason@Stormdoctor.Com.  Feel free to contact me.

NOTE:  My watermark will not appear on any purchased images.  The watermark is an unfortunate necessity in the modern era where digital piracy makes everything more difficult for everyone.  I apologize for the way this makes these images appear online.  However, I guarantee you will love your purchase and will be happy to refund your money if they do not meet your standards.

  • Gina Cornelison

    on March 23, 2023

    Hi - I'm bringing my son (who is a weather/tornado/fire enthusiast) to see your work. Would there be a time for you to talk to him in the next 5 days perhaps? We are on Spring Break starting tomorrow and I would LOVE for him to meet you. Gina. (3/23/23)

  • Amy Allabastro

    on December 16, 2022

    Your work is incredible! Do you sell any books with your prints? The snowflakes are amazing.

  • Kim Aquino

    on August 9, 2017

    Awesome pics, StormDoc! Very impressed and inspired.

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